Player Ratings for the Villa match (Game 3)

I thought the Fellaini whiff cost them the first goal.  It put Jag on an island to guard the ball and the free man running inside.  


Howard 6 - He wasn't at fault for the goal.  Two decent saves put one should have been put in by Albrighton.


Hibbo 6 - Solid nothing special but a stepup from Neville.


Jagielka 4 - I don't blame him that much for the goal.  But he had a lucky slip.  Lucky because he slipped into the ball's path, otherwise he was out of position.  And he had a dreadful backpass to Distin.


Distin 4 - While he made one decent run to support an attack (to lose possession in the box) he was worked by Carew and the Villa forwards.  They dribble straight at him on multiple occasions that made backpedal all the way down the pitch.  I thought he made Villa look dangerous at every counter by not challenging them.


Baines 5 - Defensively he was weak but he was good pushing forward.  I really think he needs more chances at the free kicks.  And he needs to look to shot sometimes - he had some looks but always looked to pass.


Rodwell 5 - Completely out of position.  Should have been in for Cahill or Fellaini.  Moyes fault IMO.  But he looked bad and got hurt.


Fellaini 5 - I thought he looked bad at first.  I blame him for the goal but he got better as the game went on.  They need to get him involved on more corners.  I can only remember him getting in Cahill's way once.


Arteta 5 - I thought he played bad.  Playing to deep.  Shoudln't switch places with Fellaini.  And his free kicks sucked, he kept hitting the wall.  Also his corners never really connected (and there were 16 of them).


Cahill 5 - Didn't do much, didn't cost us much.  He did fall down once to easily I thought close to the box losing us possession.  Honestly Rodwell should being switching in with him as Moyes alluded to earlier this week.


Pienaar 6 - Made alot of runs, almost scored.  Didn't cost us and help put on the pressure.


Beckford 4 - Can't recall him really pressuring the Villa defense.


Subs -

Saha 5 - Looked way more dangerous than Beckford.  Almost had the stoppage time equalizer.

Coleman 7 - I love the fact he actually took on the defenders.  He had one really good run into the box and had the defenders worrying about him dribbling by him.  Played further back after Heitinga came in but he should be our right winger for now.  Him and Hibbo could be a good partnership on the right with Pienaar and Baines on the left.

Heitinga 5 - No time to really make a difference.  Don't understand why Moyes brought on a Defensive midfield while they were down a goal.  Would have rather seen Bilyaletdinov.  If it worked I wouldn't grip but it didn't.

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