End of July Wrap

July is coming to a close and I just wanted to throw out there a few tidbits concerning the Blues prior to the season starting in earnest in two weeks. -

  • Arteta and Pienaar's situations have still not settled fully.  Apparently Arteta has yet to sign a deal to make him the highest paid player at EFC.  Also Pienaar has not discussed a transfer yet but there is concern that he will want out and Inter Milan under Rafa is considered his potential suitor.
  • Arsenal is still interested in Jagielka.  The Gunners seemingly need another Center-Back since Sol Campbell has signed with Newcastle United.  They are apparently offerring somewhere around 15-18 million pounds for Jags.  Hopefully the Gaffer continues to stand firm about rejecting any transfer.
  • The friendly against Preston was last weekend resulted in a 3-0 victory for the Blues.  Saha scored and Beckford added a double for the Blues goals.  Gueye the young Frenchman apparently impressed with his pace and dribbling during the match.
  • Marouane Fellaini is working out and estimates to be in top form in the next few weekends adding a veristale midfielder to the Toffee attack.
  • Everton spokeout against Dan Gosling's agent story as to how the free transfer of Gosling to Newcastle went down.  Everton made it clear they agreed to a higher wage for Gosling and believed through the words of the agent and Gosling the deal was done.  Gosling's agent made a pretty penny on the signing fee for the free transfer to the Toons (and is a truth spinning windbag in my personal opinion)
  • Everton has another friendly against newly promoted Championship side Norwich.  Hopefully the Blues will continue the good form and be ready to start out the gates fast.
  • After the 5-2 thrashing the Manure put on the MLS all-stars Landon Donovan spoke about possibly transferring off the LA Galaxy (which after being beaten down by Man U and some Puerto Rican team in consecutive nights would make me want to leave as well).  Chances are Everton has no money for this and would have to be creative or else Donovan would likely end up at City or another club.
  • Donovan has also been quoted this week saying that our own Jack Rodwell is the future of the English team and a future world beater.  Good thing he is under contract until 2014.

That's all I have for now but I can't wait for the season and to hopefully see the Blues continue the form from the end of last season.  A trophy this year would be nice.


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