Toffee Rumor Mill late July

Everton have deflected interest by Sevilla and maybe some other La Liga teams for Mikel Arteta

Mikel to Stay in Premier

Everton have also rejected and hopefully dissuaded Arsenal from bidding on Jagielka

Jags Bid rejected

Man City manager Mancini admit interest in Landon Donovan

Man City eye on Landon

My take on each after the jump

Arteta - From the words used by Arteta's agent, it appears he would like to transfer back to the Spanish league.  Of course we value his services much higher than Spanish league teams because he means so much to Everton.  Much like the Cesc situation at Arsenal.  He may not be worth 50 million pounds to Barca but he is to Arsenal.  Hopefully the Blues have a great run this year (dreaming of Champions League) and convince Arteta his best bet is to stay here.  I believe he knows he us Everton for being patient with his injuries but I also think this will be the last year he is with Everton.


Jags - Another situation akin to the Arteta one.  But nowhere have a I read Jags wants to go anywhere else (and he is English so he is home).  Jags means so much to the defense of Everton that he is worth around 20 million pounds to us.  I am glad Arsenal decided to back off.  Jags solidifies our back line which looks deeper and stronger than recent memory (with Distin, Yobo, Heitinga all capable of center back and Neville/Baines/Hibbert/Coleman on the left and right).


Donovan - As an American Donovan helped solidify my support to Everton.  The team won me over without Donovan shortly thereafter.  So I will support Everton regardless if Donovan stays in the MLS or transfers elsewhere.  That said I would be wrecked if he went to Man City.  All that goodwill he built with Everton (who still have not handed out his Number 9 jersey yet) would be gone in blink of a signature. 

While I can see why Man City would do it (increased popularity and recognition from USA Soccer fans) and MLS ($$$$ Man City overpays like the Yankees for players though with the success of the Royals) would do it.  Donovan would go from beloved (it is even more amazing how beloved he is for really only playing 10 weeks) to depised.  Personally I don't think he will go overseas.  He has said he would only come to English league to play with Everton.  But I can see how someone would enjoy LA over Liverpool.

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